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Human limbs systemic function is complicated and the feedback is very abundant. How to make sure hands signal source becomes a very complicated conundrum with the push of development. After the theory of control is proposed, researchers spend much time on doing research. With the development of science technology, the requirement of prosthetic hands’ multi-perceived information feedback is higher and higher in biomedical field and ammunition industry. Research on signal source about hand prostheses become a hotpot for long time. Nowadays, control signal sources are used to control prosthetic hand include mechanical movement, voice, reconstructed fingers, EMG, EEG, MEG and so on. This passage displayed a comparative analysis on the hand prostheses field in recent decade and introduced the theory of hand prostheses control. Whats more, researches on hand prostheses signal sources are surveyed. At last, hand prostheses control signals are under the comparison. Some further research and developing trend of prosthetic hand signal sources are indicated.

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