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With the number of Web services increasing constantly on the Internet, how to recommend personalized Web services for users has become more and more important. At present, there emerged some service recommendation systems utilizing influence ranking and collaborative filtering algorithms in service recommendation. However, they neither considered trust relationships among users, nor deal with the cold start problem very well. Fortunately, the popularity of social network in nowadays brings a good alternative for service recommendation to avoid those. In this study, we propose a social network-based service-recommendation method, which considers users’ history service invocation behaviors, users preferences as well as trust relationships among users implied in social network and users comments/reviews on services. We have applied this method in a data set extracted from www.epinions.com. A series of experiments on 86,719 users, 604,190 user trust-relationships and 963,591 reviews on 292,713 services/produces show that this recommendation method get better recall rate, precision, f-measure and rank score.

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