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In many applications, the Middleton Class-A model is used to describe the impulsive noise. A very useful and interesting aspect for a channel affected by such, non-Gaussian noise, is to find an expression for the channel capacity. In this paper we present the calculation of capacity for a channel affected by additive Middleton Class-A noise (AWCN), with binary input. We considered the case when the source is uniform, but also when it is not uniform. The channel capacities for impulsive noise, for various values of the parameters that describe its model, are compared with those for the additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) channel. The numerical results showed that when the parameters A and T are close to 1, the capacity for impulsive noise channel is equal to that of Gaussian channel. When A and T decrease, the AWCN capacity grows. When the probability p0, the probability of bit 0, grows or when the encoding rate decreases, each channel capacity decreases. The Shannon limit values are also given for different encoding rates in the case of the two channels. We have shown that Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNRb) in dB given only by the Gaussian component of AWCN is closer to SNRb in dB of AWGN, as the AWCN capacity increases.

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