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Business process management is a common approach of analyzing evolution and formulation of process models. But it is inevitable to come about the change problem of process models in BPMN, so that quickly and accurately seeking the change region of process models is the key thing of BPMN. Existing research is mainly dependent on the target model, and seeks the change region of process models by fixing the observation points. However, on the one hand, this way needs to compare with the target model. On the other hand, by static analysis, it can not quickly and accurately seek the change region of process models. In this paper, firstly, module decomposition and behavioural relation of module are analyzed based on Petri net and behavioural profile, without building the target model, thus avoid the inaccuracy of seeking the change region by comparing the models. Secondly, by dynamic search, this paper presents a novel way to seek the change region of process model and confirm the minimal change region of process model. Finally, this method is valid by theory and example analysis.

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